Our History

South Side Automotive has a long history in our community.

Southside Automotive has now been in business for over 50 years. The original owner, Duey Anderson, bought an existing shop in 1956 and kept the South Side Automotive name. Duey and his wife Anita managed the business for over 40 years and is still very active to this day. His son Jody apprenticed in the '70s and now manages the day-to-day operations of the business.

Here are some pictures from the shops past:

Duey and Anita probably on the way to the sockhop (but they will never confirm it). Photo taken in 1957 while they were still dating. Duey's 50 chevy convertible was a hot rod at the time with an olds V8 engine!:

Jody at age six starting his apprenticeship early at the salvage yard. (Dad drove.):

This picture was taken in 1958 during a run to the scrapyard. (Tow truck is no longer in service!):

Enclosed delivery service is available to and from your location for restoration projects:

We also set up at many swap meets through out the year: